Saturday, 18 September 2010

Ilkeston Town FC

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Chester vs Chorley 18th September 2010 (Not Published)

Last Tuesday Ilkeston Town became the latest football club to be liquidated. They join an ever lengthening list of clubs that Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs have taken to court and declared insolvent. Ilkeston argued they could pay the £47,000 debt to the taxman in £1,000 instalments, saying that the club was up for sale and in talks with potential new owners and that they were also negotiating the sale of a player for £20,000. However, this was not deemed to be enough by court registrar Christine Derrett who wound the club up after a two minute hearing saying, “I’m sorry, the company is plainly insolvent and I therefore make the final compulsory order.” This leaves the Blue Square North division a team short and the supporters of the club left to pick up the pieces and hopefully reform the club for next season.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Pre-Season Round Up

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Chester vs Trafford 8th September 2010

Pre-season is a strange time in the footballing calendar. At this time of year every club is in a state of flux, having come through the experience of the previous season looking to build and improve on last year’s performance.

For us Chester fans pretty much anything would be better than last season. It has been great just seeing Chester back on the pitch! This season is likely to be completed without the worries of debt, court hearings and winding up orders that eventually consumed Chester City. Now we can concentrate on the most important thing about Chester FC, the football!

What is Supporter's Direct?

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Chester vs Trafford, 8th September 2010

Since the reformation of Chester FC there have been many changes to our club. Cosmetic changes such as new players, league, kits and badge are always the most obvious. However the most important and fundamental transformation our phoenix club has gone through is simple: we have a new philosophy.