Thursday, 30 December 2010

Yes, My Car Does Need a Scarf.

Last week I was at Chester's ground, picking up the limited edition Chester third kit I'd ordered a few weeks before, when one or two other things caught my eye. I ended up leaving with my shirt, two calenders (one for me and one for my brother's christmas present) and a Chester FC car scarf. I was rather pleased with these purchases, everyone could do with a calender, the shirt is really nice and the car scarf can go with the Chester City one that's currently on the back window. My sister however, wasn't in quite the same mind as me. In her opinion all this football 'crap' (which she has the cheek to call it!) is useless, clutters up the house and looks rubbish.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Standing Room Only?

To stand or not to stand? That is the question that has resurfaced after Liberal Democrat MP Don Foster tabled a private member's Bill aimed at giving clubs in the top two divisions of the country the right to have safe standing areas back. This is both Liberal Democrat party policy and something which is supported by the Football Supporter's Federation (FSF). The top two divisions of the country were stripped of their right to have standing areas after the Hillsborough Disaster which saw 96 Liverpool supporters killed. The Taylor Report, which was set up to investigate and advise for the future safety of football fans, advised that standing terraces should be abolished to avoid anything like Hillsborough happening ever again.

Blues Live

Written For:-
Chester vs Radcliffe Borough. 11th December 2010

Missing a Chester game is never a good thing. Because this season I have gone to university, I miss most of the games and get Exacta withdrawal symptoms every time there’s a Chester game on. For away games I can only find out what is happening through a combination of devachat and Chester FC’s twitter page.

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Match Review: Leeds Utd 2-1 Crystal Palace

Last Saturday saw my first ever trip to Elland Road to watch two teams I've never seen play before Leeds Utd and Crystal Palace. I went with two of my friends from Uni, who are both Leeds fans. One of them had been going to Leeds for years, and the other was also attending his first Leeds game. I always find going to a new ground very interesting, as you get to see how ‘they’ (ie. that team’s supporters) experience a football game.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

To Russia With Love?

Well. It's not completely surprising is it? When it emgered that Prime Minister Putin wasn't going to travel to Zurich to try and persuade FIFA delegates for one last time, something seemed up. It was either that Russia knew they weren't going to win, or they had a pretty good idea that they were going to win. And congratulations to them. In the end, they did manage to put the most successful bid together as theirs was the one that won. Of course, in managing to win the backing of an extremely corrupt, self-regulating, non-governmental organisation, it may seem as though something fishy may be happening, but there is no evidence of this currently. And, I imagine, there never will be, although that necessarily be because the Russians were whiter than whiter (and I don't believe they were).