Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Rivals? Yes. But enemies?

Whilst reading an article on my favourite website, I came across an article ( here: ) which concerned 'fanatic fans'. It was a very interesting article, but one sentence in particular caught my eye. It was this: "These days, it feels as if you can’t be a real fan unless you hate your rivals as much as you love your own team."
Of course, I encourage you to read the whole article so as not to take the (tongue-in-cheek) quote out of context, but the general gist of the authour was that this opinion is a bit ridiculous, after all, football is only a game.

A little background knowledge/manifesto...

Hello! You may have guessed; my name is Richard and this is a football blog. However, this very first post will be very different to every other that will follow, as it's just about me. Or more precisely why I'm setting up this blog and what I plan to write about (roughly).

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Winter Run in Analysis

Written for:-
Chester vs Skelmersdale Utd 20th November 2010

The tough winter period is a crucial time of year for any club. A good set of results can really boost a club going into the New Year, and Chester FC is no different, as they look to sustain the promotion push that currently sees us top of the league. With this in mind The Cestrian thought it would be a good idea to analyse the crucial fixtures coming up before the turn of the year.