Monday, 21 November 2011

The Future of Football Blogging

Recently there has been a gloom hanging over the football blogging world; a sense of disillusionment that has left some notable bloggers considering their future in the hobby. The reasons for this are, of course, varied, but there is one that seems to reoccur: money. With recession once again closing in it is natural to think of one’s future and security, however, it is not the bloggers that are moving to secure themselves, but the journalistic world tightening ranks and bloggers are losing out because of it.

Friday, 18 November 2011

Our other stuff

You may have noticed that our blog hasn’t been updated for a while. With our recent nominations for the Young Blogger of the Year awards by the NOPA’s we thought, due to the increased traffic, we’d tell you where we’ve been writing recently.

Firstly our main, joint project together; The Blue and White is our fanzine all about Chester FC. We are currently putting together the second issue which should be released soon (late December/January). If you want to buy our first issue you can do so here it’s full of interesting articles from a variety of different authors and we promise that they aren’t all about Chester.

Then we move onto the stuff we do individually. I (Neil) will go first. I am currently the Non-League writer for the Football Project. I aim to write once a week about the most important stories of Non-League. You can read more here . I also am on the internet air for my weekly sports show on Cardiff university radio, From the Sidelines. Follow this link Tuesday’s at 1pm to hear my dulcet tones attempting to make constants jokes about Newcastle and Man U to my fellow presenters .

Richard is also on student radio at Leeds University for LSRFM. Normally on either a Thursday or Friday between 4 and 5. Writing wise he's recently been published online at In Bed With Maradona and When Saturday Comes , but has been swamped with uni work for a good two months. It's starting to clear up now though, so he'll let anyone know about what he's up to on his twitter - @richardtbellis