Monday, 30 May 2011

The Most Important Team in the World - West Bromwich Albion

The debate about who the best team ever will forever rumble on and on in pubs and schools, on internet forums and radio show call-ins. At the moment the best team in the world is certainly Barcelona. But ever? What about Holland with Cruyff? Or perhaps Real Madrid's all conquering teams of the 1950s, Di Stefano and all? Perhaps Sacchi's Milan? Or even a curveball with The Crazy Gang of Wimbledon? All of these teams can stake their claims, list their achievements and pin their colours to the mast (and all that crap). There is only one team however, that can claim to have significantly shaped the last 30 years of world history and probably the next 30 too. That team is West Bromwich Albion.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Conference football - The expensive alternative to the Premiership

Luton and AFC Wimbledon are two teams that have suffered under the incompetence of the football authorities, and this week is no different. In a week where both sets of fans should be relishing a shot at the Football League once again, many fans are having to raid the savings to fund an expensive trip north and a price hike for the biggest show of non-league football.