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Backpage Football: Interview- and an article on the Welsh Premier League-

Mudhutter: A Wigan FC fanzine in which Richard was interviewed about Chester FC's recent history.

Football Links I've been reading stuff from this site ever since their excellent coverage of the downfall of Chester City. Really interesting variety of stuff, from Non-league to international football, covering topics as varied as football kits, to (their favourite) clubs in crisis. A site packed with in-depth tactical analysis of mostly Western European and International football, complete with diagrams and videos. It's absolutely fantastic. An interesting blog from a Manchester United fan which looks at quite a variety of things within the game. A blog written by the media officer of Chester FC. Interesting for those who would like a small insight into how Chester FC is now run. A blog written about finances in football by a financial expert. Needless to say, it's excellent. Fantastic site with a huge variation of articles. The content is normally unusal with topics ranging from Amputee football to England's 7-1 victory over Spain in 1931. Great site which follows the careers of English players playing abroad. Cracking site for football's culture and history. Well worth a read. 'Largely pleh, with occasional sneh. I'm a constant disappointment.' Have a read. A site which blends football with literary nouse and philosophical themes. A personal favourite of mine. Dispatches from a Football Sofa is a mix of comtemporary issues in football with contemporary news and culture. A heady mix which creates some brilliant writing. Another cracking site from a really top bloke. Shame he's a Man U fan, but he's alright apart from that. A fellow Chester FC fan who also runs a blog about football in general. Covers as many obscure football stories as possible, a fine blog. A wonderful website dedicated to all of the football league's teams. They also comment regulary on this site; don't judge them for that though, just enjoy their writing. A site which has a list of football blogs. Great place to have a look for whatever you're interested in.

Non-football Links 'Words in Union' is a rugby union fan's site written by a very good friend of mine. He's only just started, but the early signs are good. Brilliant blog. A man attempts to review every product sold by Greggs.