Wednesday, 24 November 2010

A little background knowledge/manifesto...

Hello! You may have guessed; my name is Richard and this is a football blog. However, this very first post will be very different to every other that will follow, as it's just about me. Or more precisely why I'm setting up this blog and what I plan to write about (roughly).

First some basic information; I am a 19 year old Chester FC fan who is currently at Leeds University studying Philosophy. I really love football. Not just watching it, but thinking about it, reading about it and boring people to tears about it too. Hopefully, I will get out of the habit of being a form of sleeping pill for my friends, and provide the world (or more likely one man and his dog) with challenging and arresting articles, which at least Rover will enjoy.

Currently, I find myself having a few hours off every week. I normally don't do a huge amount in these hours, in fact I normally play on Football Manager, so I decided it would be a better idea to actually do something that is productive. With this in mind, I'll attempt to produce a few articles a month on whatever takes my fancy at the time. I am not promising anything. I have a degree to do after all! I also write for Chester FC's programme, but I am increasingly finding that I fancy writing about more than just one club.

So, this blog will most probably become a scatter-gun approach on how I perceieve modern football. I sincerely hope you enjoy it.


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