Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Plans for 2011

I really shouldn't be doing this right now. I'm in my January exam period and should be swotting up on analysing and assessing arguments, psychophysics and David Hume as I write. But instead I'm writing a post on my blog. Why am I doing this, I hear you (one man and his dog) ask? Mostly procrastination, but I've also had an idea which concerns the very question I just asked. Why am I doing this? Writing a blog? Furthermore, why do other people write blogs about football? Why do they support different teams? Why do people even watch football matches? Why do people play?

Basically my idea is to question Football as a topic in itself. To look at the Philosophy of Football. I've had a quick google and aside from an awful, awful t-shirt website and a series of 'philosophical' quotes from football players and managers, I haven't really found anything other on this kind of topic. Which is a good thing right?

The idea is to have a running series on the Philosohpy of Football on the blog, with other more normal blogs still featuring. They should be easy to read and follow, and not too techniqual; partly because my own philosophical skill is limited, to say the least, and also because I don't think an extremely complex series would make very good reading! Of course this will have to fit around my studies, so the first in the series will likely have to wait until after my exams finish on the 21st January.

I hope you continue reading my blog and enjoy my posts in 2011.


  1. I'll be interested to read what you come up with, Richard. Albert Camus' goalkeeping past is enough to make football worthy of philosophical investigation. Good luck with the exams - and thanks very much for linking to my blog.

  2. Thanks William, I forgot that Albert Camus was a goalkeeper! I might have to do a special on that one day.... He's not the only philosopher who was a sportsman though, apparently Plato was a wrestler in his early years.

    I'm looking forward to seeing how your blog develops in 2011. It's a pleasure to read.