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Football Blogs Worth Looking At

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Chester vs Durham City 26th February 2011

Blogging has become something of an internet sensation over the last few years. Topics as varied as cooking to music are all discussed by individuals who really have a passion for what they are talking about. Football is one topic that is extremely popular to the blogging community, so much so that the Guardian newspaper published a list of ‘100 blogs to follow in 2011’ towards the end of last year. If you have some spare time The Cestrian advises you to take a look, there are some really wonderful blogs out there, but if you don’t we’ll guide you through the crème-de-la-crème of the football blogging world and give you something to do the next time an away fixture is called off because of frost.
As we all love Chester, it would probably be best to start off with those blogs that are to do with our own club. A good one to mention is which is written by the club’s media officer Jeff Banks. It’s great if you want an extra insight into how Chester FC is run. Another good place to look is which features a number of different contributors including the Chester Exiles. One for the history buffs amongst us is which features a lot of articles about Chester City’s past. Unfortunately it hasn’t been updated since 2007, but is still defiantly worth a look. Another blog which is worth a few minutes of your time is it not only has an archive of all the articles Richard Bellis has written for the Chester FC programme, but also more general football articles and a special series on the Philosophy of Football. One more to mention is which is an archive of all the programme articles that Jon Hughes has written for Chester FC. Although it does need updating Jon!
Aside from Chester there’s a myriad of websites to choose from. Some good ones to start off with are which can keep you updated on all aspects of the game and which provides well-informed and interesting comment on the latest stories in the football world from the Premier League right down the Non-league. For those aspiring managers out there, there is the utterly brilliant which provides in-depth tactical analysis of major games, including chalkboards. If you want to swot up on football’s finances then look no further than which is written by a financial expert and is all the better for it.
If you fancy something a bit left of centre then have a look at which features a huge variance of articles about anything to do with football; it’s really worth a look. There’s also the which is currently running a cracking series on great sides of the past. If you’re interested about English players playing abroad then go to which is the place to look; do you know that Lee Hendrie is now playing in Indonesia?!
The final two blogs I am going to mention look at things a bit closer to home. The first one provides excellent coverage of the whole of the football league, and finally focuses on the FA Cup’s drama from the earliest qualifiers to the final itself. It boasts some great match reports from some cracking non-league games.

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