Monday, 21 March 2011

A Football Poem for World Poetry Day

Today is World Poetry Day and to mark the occasion, I, along with a number of other football bloggers have written a poem. My own effort can be seen below, the other contributors to this blog carnival can be found  on these websites:
 The 72 , The Two Unfortunates , Ryan Hubbard , The Football Hobo , Saha From the Maddening Crowd , A United View , The Hand of Blog 

Here's my own effort-

Last Kick of the Game
The terrace has seen it all in its time.
A goalkeeping fumble, a clearance off the line,
a referee slowly blowing full-time.

Today is no different. It’s tough being at home
when the away team try to groan
a draw out of the crowd’s moans.

The chairman doubts, pressing his thumb
into his cheek. The staccato beat of a drum
pleads to the players, urging a chance to come.

The turgid ball drops –

Quick as a fly
the fans jump up, adrenaline eyed.

The flick of a hamstring - the jerk
of the defender’s leg - the ‘keeper
diving to the striker’s parting shot.


Next up is Northen League Day at 6 and later End to End Stuff

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